Agenda /

8.30 AM

Registration opens /

9.10 AM

Contagious Intro /

Alex Jenkins, Editorial Director, Contagious

9.15 AM

Contagious Trend Fake New World 

Chloe Markowicz, Editor, Contagious

How can we trust our senses now that generative AI and CGI tools can conjure up photo-realistic depictions of impossible scenarios? This session will explore some of the creative opportunities of fakery in music, entertainment and marketing and highlight the ethical issues brands will have to consider as they navigate a world where it’s become harder than ever to discern what’s real.

9.35 AM

Mastercard / Where to Settle

Adrian Botan, Chief Creative Officer Europe, Global ECD, McCann Worldgroup and Jerzy Holub, Marketing Director, Mastercard (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

Mastercard built on years of financial inclusion initiatives to develop a tool to help refugees from the war in Ukraine find housing and employment in Poland.

The team behind the initiative will explain the importance of ‘data for good’, how they worked effectively with government, and why financial inclusion isn’t just a brand goal, but a business strategy.

10.00 AM

Global Team / Look Ahead Competition Winner

Anto Chioccarelli, Creative Solutions Partnerships Director, Global  and Paul Kemp-Robertson, Co-Founder, Contagious

Find out the winner of Look Ahead, a competition to push the boundaries of out-of-home advertising and bring positive and eye-catching creative to the capital, launched by Global in partnership with Transport for London and Contagious. Selected by a lineup of industry luminaries, the winning team will see their idea produced and placed across the TfL network in a 2-week campaign.

10.15 AM

McDonald’s / Raise Your Arches

Tom Sussman, Deputy Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Burnett UK and Hannah Pain, Head of Marketing, McDonald's

Bow bow. Chick chicka chicka. McDonald’s ‘eyebrows’ ad became an instant classic when it was released at the beginning of the year, celebrated as an example of creative craft and how to play with brand codes.

The team behind the iconic spot will serve up insights into how they cracked the challenge of needing everyone to love the brand, prepared for incoming legislation that inhibited their ability to advertise, and created an invitation to do what felt good.

10:45 - 11:30 AM / Break 

10.50 - 11.20 AM

Creative Voices Stage, powered by Google Creative Works

Technology and Creativity

Hosted by /
Nisha Mathews, Creative Strategist, Google
Patrick Jeffrey, Managing Director, Contagious

Penllelists /
Sam Mayo, Creative Technologist, Google
Chloe Markowicz, Editor, Contagious
Adrian Botan, CCO Europe, McCann Worldgroup

11.40 AM

Fiat / Operation No Grey

Francesco Martini, ECD Leo Burnett, Italy

Grey might be the most popular car colour, but it doesn’t reflect Fiat’s vibrant Italian roots, which is why the brand has vowed to stop producing grey vehicles. This talk will divulge why Fiat decided to dip one of its cars (and its CEO) in a vat of orange paint to prove its commitment to la Dolce Vita.

12.00 PM

For the Culture /

Dr. Marcus Collins, Marketing Professor and Best-selling Author

There is no external force more influential to human behaviour than culture, which makes culture the biggest cheat code for marketers or anyone with a vested interest in getting people to take action. With culture not only driving today’s consumption but also ushering the future of brand, this session is not to be missed.

12.20 PM

OMG / The Next Five Years: Lessons for Today from the Future of Media

Chris Stephenson, Global Head of Strategic Engagement, OMG

Using exclusive research, this session will project how time spent with media will change globally over the next five years and explore how lessons from tomorrow are impacting marketing today. This journey into the near-future will not only prepare you for half a decade of accelerating change – but equip you to thrive in a transforming world.

12.35 PM

Dove / The Cost of Beauty

Dan Fisher, Global ECD, Unilever and Special Projects and Jo Bacon, Global Lead, Ogilvy & WPP, Firdaous El Honsali, Global Dove VP External Communications and Sustainability - Unilever

While social media is harming the mental health of three in five kids Dove won’t stand idly by. This session will highlight how the brand is galvanising people to take action when it comes to toxic beauty ideals, reinforcing Dove’s reputation in the fight against unrealistic beauty standards.

1:00 - 2:30 PM / Lunch

1.15 - 1.45 PM

Creative Voices Stage, powered by Google Creative Works

New Voices Showcase

Hosted by /
Patrick Jeffrey, Managing Director, Contagious

1.45-2.20 PM
The Creator Economy 

Hosted by /
Jordan Berkowitz, Creative Business Partner, Google
Patrick Jeffrey, Managing Director, Contagious

Panellists /
Bobby Nolla, Creative Lead, Google
Dr Marcus Collins
Firdaous El Honsali, VP External Communications, Dove

2:35 PM

The World Ahead 2024 /

Tom Standage, Deputy Editor, The Economist

What are the key trends that will shape the coming year in politics, business, technology and culture?

Tom Standage, editor of The World Ahead, the future-gazing report series published by The Economist, provides a whistle-stop tour of what to expect in 2024.

2:50 PM

Persil / Dirt is Good

Tati Lindenberg, Vice President, Marketing at Unilever | Dirt Is Good

As the laundry brand gears up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dirt is Good, Unilever’s VP of marketing will share how the platform has evolved over the years and how it continues to align with the zeitgeist to remain culturally relevant. Tati Lindenberg will discuss the challenges for Persil, as well its ambitions to become more of a lifestyle brand.

3:10 PM

Ipsos / Social MISFITS

Adam Sheridan, Global Head of Products / Creative Excellence, Ipsos

With a growing slice of the media pie, brands now need to creatively pivot their social ads from clicks and conversions to support longer-term brand growth.  This talk from Ipsos will serve up world-first highlights from their Social MISFITS research, where they will reveal the power of empathy and creativity to get your social ads to work harder for your brands. Get ready to take a bite out of social success.

3:25 PM

The Most Contagious Campaigns of the Year /

Contagious Team

The pick of this year’s stand-out creative marketing will be fêted and debated, discussed and dissected by the Contagious team - but which will be declared the Most Contagious Campaign of the Year?

3.50 - 4:25 PM / Break

3.55 - 4.20 PM 

Creative Voices Stage, powered by Google Creative Works

The Future of Creativity

Hosted by /
Kay Munday, Creative Business Partner, Google
Patrick Jeffrey, Managing Director, Contagious

Panellists /
Andrew Bent, Creative Lead, Google
Tati Lindenberg, Vice President, Marketing at Unilever, Dirt is Good

4.30 PM

Contagious Trend Resisting The Imitation Game 

David Beresford, Senior Strategist, Contagious

Join us for a whistle-stop tour of the most jaw-dropping developments in the field of Generative AI over the past 12 months. This lively review will consider the good, the bad and the ugly – while also explaining how we’re rapidly approaching an inflection point in the tech’s evolution, and what this might mean for marketers.

4.45 PM

Heinz Ketchup / Secret Sauce

Mike Dubrick, Chief Creative Officer, Rethink Toronto

The world’s most famous ketchup brand was in danger of going from iconic to nostalgic. This session will delve into how Heinz Ketchup leveraged its distinctive assets to break into culture and remind people that, when it comes to ketchup, it has to be Heinz.

5.05 PM

Barbie / The Most Contagious Brand of the Year

Lisa McKnight, EVP, Chief Brand Officer, Mattel Inc.

For more than six decades, Barbie has been an inspiration, an icon, and a lightning rod. In 2023 that convergence drew new voices, sparking powerful conversations in a zeitgeist where Barbie, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are celebrated as peers. 

How did Barbie do it? Mattel’s EVP and Chief Brand Officer, Lisa McKnight, will reveal the human appeal of Barbie and how Mattel’s brands are evolving to lead in a whole new era.

5.35 - 6.45 PM

Drinks and Networking

Hosted by Global Media and Entertainment Company with special guest DJ Jay London