Most Contagious 24 January 

Most Contagious London delivers a year’s worth of marketing insights in a day. Our New York event does the same — but in half the time.

Get your tickets to our inspiration-packed event and learn about industry-shaping trends, discover the strategies behind the world’s best campaigns, and hear from a global cast of advertising innovators.

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Full Price $700 

(From 9.15am - 1pm)

A year’s worth of marketing insights, in half a day. Most Contagious is where the brightest ideas and the boldest brands take to the stage – setting you up for the future with inspiring insights and actionable takeaways from this year’s creative leaders.

Creative Impact Only

Last chance saver $350 

(From 2.15pm - 5.35pm)

A deep dive on creative effectiveness. Get involved in discussion and debates around what makes the world’s most effective brands tick, and hear from marketing thought leaders on the trends and topics we can expect from 2024 and beyond.

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(From 9.15am - 5.35pm)

The best deal on everything we have to offer. Get the full range of creative effectiveness and creative excellence – helping you leave with a 360 degree view on creativity, and the tools you need to take on 2024 with confidence.  

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Get the inside scoop on the biggest campaigns of the year from the marketers and agencies responsible for the work. And learn about the most important developments and shifts in business and culture from expert speakers and the Contagious team.

Barbie / The Most Contagious Brand of the Year

For more than six decades, Barbie has been an inspiration, an icon, and a lightning rod. In 2023 that convergence drew new voices, sparking powerful conversations in a zeitgeist where Barbie, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are celebrated as peers. 

How did Barbie do it? Mattel’s Nathan Baynard, VP Global Brand Marketing, Mattel, will reveal the human appeal of Barbie and how Mattel’s brands are evolving to lead in a whole new era.

Hilton / #HiltonForTheStay

When Hilton made a 10-minute TikTok, the hotel chain gained outsize attention by releasing content that flew in the face of what viewers expected from ads on the platform. In the session, the team behind the TikTok will reveal how it worked with influencers (including Paris Hilton) to create an authentic, engaging campaign that helped the brand rebuild its cultural relevance.

Duolingo / Social-first marketing

Learning app Duolingo has supercharged its growth by adopting a social-first marketing that prioritises cultural relevance. The brand, as personified by its zany owl mascot, has proved itself to be a TikTok powerhouse, boasting more followers than Nike, McDonald’s or Disney. This session will explain how the brand became a pop culture phenomenon and how its social media success is driving its business.

Oreo / Oreocodes 

Milk and cookies – it’s a classic pairing. So, to ensure people were buying Oreos, the snack brand targeted milk buyers with discounts on its products. Agency VML Commerce will reveal exactly how it turned milk carton barcodes into a distinctive asset, increasing sales 7.3% year-on-year, and how Oreo is leaning into its playful persona to attract new users and grow household penetration. 

Marcus Collins For the Culture 

There is no external force more influential to human behaviour than culture, which makes culture the biggest cheat code for marketers or anyone with a vested interest in getting people to take action. With culture not only driving today’s consumption but also ushering the future of brand, this session is not to be missed.

Kellanova / Propelling Crisps & Crackers Into Culture  

How does a legacy brand identify and activate cultural trends to create relevance and spark joy with Gen Z. And how does it do all that while also driving business impact? Kellanova VP of Marketing Erin Storm and Susan Howe, President, Weber Shandwick spotlight unexpected ideas and collaborations that stop the scroll in pursuit of earning attention and nurturing brand loyalty.

Where do all the ads go? What creative data reveals about the content lifecycle /
Which half of your advertising budget is wasted? How many of your ads are being used? AI technology is peeling back the answers to these questions and giving advertisers visibility into their content lifecycle. Anastasia Leng, (Founder, CreativeX), unveils new research into how much content gets made, activated, and reused and the implications for marketers looking to improve budget efficiency. 

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Learn about the trends and technologies that will shape the ad industry in the year ahead from Contagious’ expert editors and strategists, in a series of lively and case study-packed talks.


Understand the strategies behind some of the most innovative and effective campaigns of 2023, as the teams that created work give behind-the-scenes accounts of how they found their ideas and brought them to life.


Discover new ideas, brands and people that will leave you feeling inspired. At Most Contagious we celebrate and analyse best-in-class creativity to equip you with everything you need to make better, bolder work.

Join us in the afternoon /

LIONS and WARC are joining forces with Contagious – bringing world-class learning and a thought-provoking debate on effectiveness to Most Contagious NYC through Creative Impact.

Launched at Cannes Lions in 2023 to drive the effectiveness agenda at the Festival, Creative Impact is the premier global forum for marketing and creative effectiveness. And at Most Contagious NYC, it’ll be landing in the US for the first time.

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Forward-thinking and senior members of the advertising and marketing industry come to Most Contagious to be inspired by our content. If you want to be a part of the event, contact about sponsorship opportunities.

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